Curious to hear all the many ways people move cow\calve pairs

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by allisoncreekranch, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. allisoncreekranch

    allisoncreekranch New Member

    I wonk on a ranch in Idaho and lately have been running into problems moving newborn calves.. so I'm curious to hear the many ways people have come up with do do so. Thank you everybody
  2. farmerjan

    farmerjan New Member

    Why are you moving newborn calves and to where? How far away? We don't move our newborn calves for a couple of days at least unless the cow or calf has a problem. She needs to bond with the calf, and to move them too soon will have the cow wanting to go back to where she "knows" her calf is supposed to be, even if it is right in front of her.

  3. smokey-calves

    smokey-calves New Member

    Ditto to farmerjan. I tend to avoid moving newborns but had to last week due to scours. Just moved to next field. When you move calves the calves are always going to try to go back to the last place the fed from their mothers. I leave the gate open from the pasture they were in into new field for 24 hours. Mothers will go back to get their calves. Works like a charm. Don't try moving them. Let the mothers. But have to shut gate after 24 hours or will have cows everywhere.