Consumer Cattle Standards

  1. msaks9027
    The Reality World

    In a digital world, everything seems official and truthful.Anyone can publish a blog, create a website, create a video, make an animation, make a flyer, or reach thousands of people with
    Google Adwords. The problems is there is so much information that no one knows
    what to believe. Thus the public looks for things that are 'real.' We would rather watch a show about a real live garbage man than a fake street detective.The combination of wanting truth and having volumes of information about every subject makes us want to know how things really work. Ultimately it makes us want to get involved as the general public.

    So what does any of this have to do with cattle or chickens or pig farming. In my opinion, quite a bit. Think about this statement by Tyson Foods from The Des Moines Register:

    Wright told the group that voluntary industry efforts are "not enough" in the eyes of consumers. Our customers want more," she said,adding that multiple customers have taken a stance on individual sow housing, requiring 10-year plans to eliminate them.

    Think about this statement. By consumer requests they mean they want to know:

    • How the animal is raised
    • What it is fed
    • How is transported
    • How it is treated

    And they want to know this from the animal embryo stage to supermarket
    checkout. We are talking about the consumer here. Watching reality is not
    enough. Consumers want to live it and change their world. So, it may only be a
    sow house to a producer, but that is no less mundane than a show about:

    • funerals
    • dog breeders
    • trashmen
    • miners
    • fisherman

    We are definitely in a new age of reason. Customers want interactivity and control
    of the cattle ranch and chicken coup more than ever before. Growing up I did
    not know how the animals were raised, and I really did not want to. Shows about
    fisherman or miners were only found in home movies and not infotainment. So
    what does this mean?

    Brand Protection = Company Inspection

    Companies like Tyson, are viewing every cattle, pig, or chicken supplier as
    part of their brand. The consumer sees a chicken with a Tyson label and now
    every stage that chicken has gone through is part of what makes the Tyson
    brand. I guess this is the way it has been in other industries.If a car part
    malfunctions, the car company that assembles the parts gets sued as well
    as the parts supplier.The consumer is too smart and too educated to not see a
    process in how products and foods are created. This means companies are going
    to be imposing their will on their suppliers at a greater level than any other time in
    business history.

    The Consumer Will Bear The Cost

    Unfortunately, consumers do not know what they are asking Corporate legal and
    public relations departments are going to provide laundry lists of things to
    suppliers so they can be covered from any public outcry. The costs are going to
    go up exponentially for customers since this will require more time and money.

    I hope they are ready for this reality..

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