corn silage baler wrapper for cattle farm, round hay alfalfa baling machine

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    The dry season is the hard problem for cattle farms which donot have the fresh cron straw ,grass,fodder for cattle eating. Maybe most farms face such a troubles without best way to solve. Now you can see our corn silage baling and wrapping machine to help you keep the raw material long for your cattle for the whole year .

    This machine can bundle the fresh grass or hay into a round bale by PE film,then a bale can be stored for 2-3 months in the warehouse. It is easy to operation with 2-3 workers in the farm.
    Pls see the vedio to learn more the whole operation for our automatic round silage baler machine
    working operation:
    1.Raw materials are conveyed to bundling chamber through feeding conveyor.
    2.As the bale is up to a certain density and enough big, alarm sounds and conveyor stops to feed,reciprocating rope bundling begin and automatically to be cut after a bale is produced.
    3.Air cylinder to control the chamber door open and unload the bale.
    4.The bale rolls onto the rotating rack through signal turning plate, there is travel switch on the rotating rack to activate the automatic air cylinder to clip one end of the PE film.
    5.When signal turning plate touches the travel switch,travel switch releases a signal to time relay to pull the PE film onto the bale, the rotating rack rotates to finish wrapping.
    6.After the wrapping layer is up to the setting value, clutch disengages and the rotating rack stops,The cutters on the side of rotating rack automatically cut down the PE film and press the broken PE film into the overlap of the bale surface.
    7.Put the bale onto the handcart for storage.

    The main technical data for our round corn silage making machine
    Powder for baling unit(motor) : 5.5kw
    Powder for film wrapping unit(motor): 0.55kw
    Rotated speed : 350r/min
    Water content in sliage : 55-65%
    Bundle weight: 40-80kg
    Bundle size (mm): Dia.550*520
    Processing efficiency: 40-60 bundles/Hour
    Filim wrapping efficiency : 24 seconds/3 lays
    Overal dimension L*W*H (mm): 3370*1260*1430
    Weight: 656KG
    New full automatic silage baler and wrapper_111.jpg QQ图片20180116102859.jpg photobank.jpg

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