Jersey in milk, four months pregnant

  1. Torjmck
    Hi there,
    I have a jersey cow that was bred back in October by a Hereford bull, we’ve had no problems with her, have even been lucky enough to see/feel movements of the calf. For the past three days her bag has been progressively filling and today when I went to let the cows out of the barn it is absolutely massive and almost bursting with milk, her vagina is extremely swollen and she has a lot of discharge, she’s also having softer bowel movements but not quite scouring. She doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable in any way is acting like her normal self other tHan the massive bag between her legs. She was previously a milk maid on a dairy farm and when we got her she was milking but we had to dry her up due to mastitis. We’re new to cattle we’ve had our jerseys for over a year now. Could she be misscarrying? Thanks in advance.

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