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  1. Health & Wellness
    I bought a cow at an auction and she had a heifer 2 days ago. I had to help her feed on the smallest one. The others are way to big for her to feed from. Will she be ok just on the one teet?
  2. Beef Cattle Discussion
    Hello there, I’m a first timer so I apologize if I’m paranoid. But looking at this calf’s knees, do they look swollen to you? Could this be joint Ill? The calf is almost two weeks old, and a red angus. The reason I’m worrying is because the calf was born in a little creek, I got him out soon...
  3. Feeding and Watering
    So we're a new Beef cow family thanks to 4H, unfortunately with Covid and a lack of beef farmers in our area, we're having trouble getting much info. We have 3 mostly red and black angus mix calves, 15 weeks, 13 weeks and 12 weeks They were getting milk replacer 2x daily, free fed hay, free...
  4. Breeding and Calving
    We just had a calf born early this morning. We were not awake to see if the calf nursed or not. The calf was standing for a little bit. We went to work and about 5 hrs later the calf is laying down and momma is on the other side of the pasture. We cant get the calf to stand. Any suggestions...
1-4 of 4 Results