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  1. Other Pets and Livestock
    Hi, I am looking to own a dog for my cattle farm. Currently, I own a Bernedoodle breed. But these are not good for the farms as these are the good family dogs. But I rally don't know much about the farm dogs. Let me know if anyone knows about the good farm dogs.
  2. General Cattle Discussion
    Multitasking, thoroughly modern Texas Longhorn Mom
  3. General Cattle Discussion
    As we know that Eid is coming and everyone is searching for beautiful cattle for sacrifice. We visites Lahore cattle market and found some awesome cattle for sale. To view these cattle click below <a href="">Click here </a> Thanks
  4. Off Topic
    Hello, I have 8 of the 11.2 38 American Farmer R-1 4 Ply Tubeless tires for sale. They are New and never mounted before. They fit John Deere B along with other tractors. I will sell them for $150 each. Give me a call to work out shipping. I have a friend that ships pallets all over the USA...
  5. Introductions
    If any NZ cattle farmers need farm vet services, VetEnt comes highly recommended. They cover every aspect of animal health & reproduction to farm improvement. Their vet clinics span across most places in the North & South Island.
  6. General Cattle Discussion
    Hello all, I am a 20 year old looking for some helpful tips. Cattle are my passion and I would love to make a career as a purebred breeder one day. I live on 40 acres of my parents land that isn't much for running cattle (very hilly timber). I currently work on a small ranch talking care of...
1-6 of 7 Results