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  1. Breeding and Calving
    I'm new to cattle! I've taught myself everything I know through youtube, books, and articles and I'm taking a cattlewoman workshop in June to better inform myself and get more hands on experience as well. (I have 30 acres, plenty to forage and graze, water sources, proper fencing, supplemental...
  2. General Cattle Discussion
    How the west was fun, training Texas Longhorn calves, heifers & weanling steer :)
  3. General Cattle Discussion
    Multitasking, thoroughly modern Texas Longhorn Mom
  4. General Cattle Discussion
    Texas Longhorns are NOT what's for dinner! But, they can do everything a horse can do! ..but with Horns. -like trail class, hunt seat, western please, working cattle, trail riding, parades, trick training, ect, ect. SMART Texas Longhorn cows!
1-4 of 4 Results