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I have a 5 day old angus heifer I acquired because her mom was killed when a tree fell on her. The owners know the calf was born Thursday, found the mom dead Saturday and no calf then found the calf on Monday when they went to bury the mom. I took the calf on Monday she took a 2 qt bottle of milk replacer good. But wouldn’t eat voluntarily Tuesday morning. I forced about 16oz and a raw egg Down her this morning and she took the rest of the bottle fine about 3pm. I tried to give her a 1/2 bottle around 9:30 tonight and she has no interest again. She seems to be fairly alert, not weak, even threw in a little buck today, and she did drink some water earlier in the afternoon. Just can’t figure out if she is just not hungry or if something could be wrong. My jerseys bottle babies always devoured all the milk you’d give them unless they were sick. It just concerns me becomes I don’t know how long she went without milk or if she got colostrum. I’m thinking her mom had to be killed the night she was born because we had a pretty bad storm that night that would have meant she went nearly three days with no milk
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