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Hey hoping to find some trick to get my bottle calf to start sucking she was on her mom her first day born and got in her colustrum. She is healthy no scouring and up and running around but I cant for the life of me get her to take her bottle. I have tubed her almost every feeding since off her mom (1qt 3 times a day), I tried just not tubing her if she didn't suck to get her hungry hoping shed be more opt to suck but nothing. I don't think she's got any abnormalities like a cleft palate seeing as when I force the bottle in her mouth and she chews on it milk does come out and nothing is being shot out her nose. She is NOT a weak calf it takes everything I have to pin her in a corner and wrestle this dang bottle in her mouth! I have never experienced this before, I've had a few bottle calves before and unless sick or scouring they have never shown this much hatred to a bottle lol please help (Picture of her below looks a little empty because it was right before I "fed"/ tubed her again)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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