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Hey guys, this is my first time on here...I'm in need of your fave AI Bull that would give a high probability of throwing a black and white calf. My heifer just had her 1st calf (bull calf) in January and was "AI-ed" to "Boulder" because he was rated for easy calving, small calves...Best choice because she had her calf (55-60 lbs.)while I was at work WITHOUT ANY ISSUES! He is growing fast and thriving really well...anyway, going to breed her again in the near future but wanted some advice on a good AI bull that might through a black and white calf...She is a cross breed (Man Among Boys X Commercial Angus) and has a white belly and rest is solid black...wanted to increase the white for next calf because my daughter shows our calves. Any suggestions? Need one with some hair...Thanks so much for your time....Lord you bless you guys...
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