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I'm about to embark on my third year of artificial insemination on my own beef herd. I was just wanting to see what other programs people have used for AI and success rates.
I always used Fixed Time AI (FTAI) as I dont have the time to check patches and just find it easier just to do them all in a 3 hr period.
The programs I have used:
1st year - Bayer ProSync Plus
D0 - Insert progesterone implant + inject GnRH
D7 - Remove progesterone implant + inject Prostaglandin and Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG)
D9 - Inject GnRH
D10 - Inseminate

This was the first time I tried AI with my herd on cows. I had a 70% success rate in terms of live calves. I had 1 cow abort early and 1 calf die shortly after birth otherwise it would have been closer to 80%. I was happy with this protocol but unfortunately the cost of GnRH almost doubles the drug cost for this program making it quite expensive.

2nd year - Bayer BoSync4
D0 - Insert progesterone implant + inject Oestradiol
D7 - Remove progesterone implant + inject Prostaglandin and Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG)
D9 - Inject Oestradiol
D10 - Inseminate

I went to this program as it was pretty much the same as the year before but used Oestradiol which is alot cheaper than GnRH. Oestradiol is restricted in its use in our dairy industry as well as certain beef markets. I only didn't use it the year before as my colleague had used the GnRH as well and we got a bulk discount for it(plus it was my first time doing AI).
The first calf heifers I used in this program came on very strong and I was inseminating animals with their tail base rubbed red raw from oestrus mounting.
Unfortunately my results were alot poorer. I only had a 50% conception rate. I don't think it was the protocol. It was more the fact I used first calf heifers combined with the worst spring season in 35 years. All the heifers were in average to poor BCS.

This year I will use the same protocol as last year. I will be using it on maiden heifers so hopefully the success rate will be up around the 70%. We have had another poor year but I have let the heifers grow out for another 6 months and the rain has finally arrived so that should help my chances.

What program does everyone else use???
What conception rate you getting???
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