An underperforming brahman

Discussion in 'Beef Cattle Discussion' started by JackG, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. JackG

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    Birth date unknown, when I got him (steer) in Aug. he was weaned and approximately
    3 months old. That would put his birthdate around May/ June.

    To look at him, he is a very nicely proportioned Brahman.

    Using girth x girth x length / 300 method, he comes in at 703 lbs.

    His whole purpose is freezer beef, time is not a problem. He has 3 acres
    to trim of good Bahia grass, and gets at least 3 and sometimes 6 lbs of
    grain a day. He does currently share his pasture with a 2 month old jersey/beef
    cross being weaned.

    Do I give him the summer or cut my losses and butcher now? 703 @ 1 year is
    pathetic don't you think?
  2. Scout_C

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    Has he been de-wormed? I know that cows don't often get worms but that may be why he is slow to grow/gain weight.
    And in my experience calves who are weaned at 2-5 months are stunted and just don't grow well at all. And that goes for bottle-fed calves, too.

    I think what I would do is stop feeding him grain, and keep him on your Bahia grass until late fall/winter when you will have to buy hay. I don't know if he'd get much fatter but it's worth a try, and shouldn't cost you anything.

    Do you have a picture of him?