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  1. My cow is due any day, and I felt her udder, and it's mostly filled up. When you feel it, is if supposed to swing a little or not? It's kinda squishy, but not at the same time. Her teats are starting to point forward, and she's never really had a big udder anyway. Please let me know!
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    You can't wait for yours to calve and I'm begging my heifers to hold out as long as possible. Do you have her in a herd? Hereford babies are the cutest. And btw, if I remember right, you were wondering about Brahman cattle, you should message "ausagventures" she works a lot with Brahmans in Australia. Personal friend of mine and an amazing cattleman. Have patience and wait for her to start acting nervous, then it will only be a matter of hours till you have a new baby.

  3. Okay thank you! And I will see about messaging!
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    It shouldn't be more than a week or two. Post pictures when you can.

    I think Hereford babies are the CUTEST!