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Does anyone know anything about blood loss in cattle? We have a cow that got into a tangle with one of our horned animals, and she lost quite a bit of blood. Luckily we were able to bandage her up, push some water and electrolytes to her, and get her into a nice warm place for the night. She did make it through the night, and looks pretty alert and perky this morning, but it's my understanding that red blood cells take quite awhile to re-build. We were thinking supplemental iron shots, and will of course be calling the vet, but wouldn't mind hearing from someone who's been in the same boat!

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What is a lot of blood in this situation and where is the injury located?
Sounds like you've done what you could already.
Generally if you keep fluids etc going and give supportive treatment they will recover just fine.
Are antibiotics on board to help with infection?
How's she doing now and what did the vet say/recommend for treatment?
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