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Hello all,
I am relatively new to cattle. My father had some bottle calves as a kid and his dad raised 150 pairs or so. But that's beside the point. I currently have 5 calves with the oldest one being about 6 weeks old (he was born in the polar vortex so he is pretty crippled. I bought 3 from a feedlot and the last one I bought from a dairy. The problem I have is with my calf that is 15 days old. I believe he is a red angus/brown swiss mix but I cant tell for sure, he is from the feedlot. Up until tonight I have had no problems with him. I have given him calf guard and 7 way as soon as I got him. Tonight when the feeding the other 4 eat fine. But the one in question had to be pushed to even stand up. I gave him a drench bag and a shot of penicillin tonight. I am not hopeful that he will live through the night. I am more worried about what I did wrong so I don't have another one die. Bottle calves I bought for 300 dollars and the Holstein for 40. Thanks for any help I get.

Pretty mad right now, I bought a calf yesterday from the same dairy I bought the first one and he died before I could even get him home. (about 20 miles). So I guess I am either learning hard lessons with god or with science.
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