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Howdy! Gert is Santa Gertrudis, right?
I don't know much about the TX breed profits, but personally I would keep that bull to breed Hereford heifers...Stick with a majority breeding.

I'm not saying "DON'T go with the other breeds! You WILL lose money!!". I am saying, I would stick with the majority instead of having to explain, 'these cows are GertxHerefordxAngus' or xBrangus
Also, since Gert is a 'tropical beef' maybe you want Gert heifers to breed to that bull, and every now and then, mix in some Hereford heifers, so you stick with those 2 breeds.

Eventually, unless you specifically want Gert in the beef, you can 'outbreed' the Gert (breeding to Hereford over and over again).

Hope this helps ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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