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Hello cattle farmers and ranchers!

At our small company, we have been hard at work on a herd management and tracking system to make your life as a producer on a small- to midsize farm/ranch easier and to improve the productivity of your herd. The primary hardware components of the product and services we will offer consist of a smart ear tag device, to be attached to each animal's ear, and a base station gateway used to relay the locations of your animals to the cloud. The data gathered will be used to show you where your animals are; issue alerts about problems with the herd; analyze forage quality of your pasture; visually present information such as lineage, breeding and calving history, and statistics; and more.

To aid in the further development and commercialization of our system, we are requesting reactions, feedback, and information on how our system might be useful for the management of your herd. To this end, we have put together a survey. We expect the survey to take just a few minutes. The information you provide will remain 100% anonymous and will be used only by our company and partners as we work to develop and commercialize our products. The survey can be found here: Product Interest Survey - Herd Management.

From those are very enthusiastic about our proposed system, we could use a letter of support! This will greatly aid us as we seek funding for continued development and commercialization. Any letter of support can be uploaded to Dropbox - Submit files. A draft letter for support can optionally be downloaded from:
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