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    Caliper Disc Brakes of Electro-Magnet
    DCPZ series
    b) A scientific basis for introduction
    鈼嘐ssential components: brake disc; brake caliper
    鈼嘍istinctive features: compact in structure; multilateral in pad-installed reposition; high in braking performance
    鈼嘔nstruction for use: At first, keeping the load of the brake running within the rated torque range. If the load exceeds the rated torque range, it is recommended that the user increase the model of the electromagnetic brake; Secondly, the user should check the tightening degree of the mounting bolts frequently;
    Finally, the user should check the wear condition on stroke length of the armature regularly. If the wear degree of the armature has exceeded the rated value, the stroke must be adjusted to make the clearance between the armature and the turntable reach the rated value.
    鈼嘐xtra Service: Covering a string of variable factors regarding displaying device, our company will committed to providing the long-term customer with technical guidance for after-sale service;
    Moreover, we can supply any reasonable quantity of this merchandise.
    c) Technical data(mm)
    Technical parametersDCPZ12.7-500DCPZ12.7-300DCPZ12.7-400
    Brake disc thick (mm)12.7
    Rated system power (N)90018002600
    Back from (mm)0.5
    Brake disc effective radius(m)actual radius of brake disc -0.03
    Rated braking torque(Nm)rated system power 脳 brake disc effective radius
    With electromagnetstroke(mm)initial3.54
    operating frequency(c/h)1200
    d) Explanation of type code
    We shoulder long-term responsibility to have brand preference for your taste.China Disc Brake