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Aloha All,

Hoping someone can help me as there is no large animal vet where I am located.

I have a small herd of Jersey cows. We are currently just milking one of them, and the milking cow has lots of open wounds that aren't healing, some as small as a dime and others as large as a half-dollar coin. I've been spraying an anti-fungus/antiseptic with the blue die in it but it's been several months now and the wounds just don't heal. I suspect she is rubbing them on trees and such, but still I don't understand why they aren't healing. Only this one cow has this problem.

If you all need pictures just let me know and i'd be happy to upload some.

Otherwise she is healthy, gives lots of milk, eats well and shows no other problems. I deworm every 6 months too.

Many Thanks in advance!
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