Cow possibly sick after giving birth (with pics)

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a Jersey cow that gave birth about 1 month ago and she just doesn't look that great. There is puss coming out of her eyes, she has low energy, isn't all that interested in eating grain (but will eat grass) and is completely disinterested in coming into the milking barn.

    She does give a decent amount of milk and does eat grass.
    The picture is of her eye.

    Does anyone know what this could be and how I can help?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Cow possibly sick after giving birth

    Basically its depend on birth or cow food because all are depends on how severe the infection is Antibiotics, frequent milking, and massaging/stripping the quarter multiple times a day will increase the chances the quarter will recover. Eye diseases occur in all seasons of the year, this highly contagious, bacterial disease is most common during the summer months. Sudden onset begins with excessive flow of tears, holding the eye partially closed, rubbing the eye, and seeking shaded areas.
    Tetracycline powder that can be purchased at the feed store and follow the directions on the package. Even though it can be placed in water, it can also be used mixed with feed.There is another powder called Aureomycin that can be mixed with feed and given this way.
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