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Range of nail diameter: 2.0mm-4.2mm
Range of nail length: 30mm-100mm
Output: 2000-2500pcs/min
Rated power: 8 KW
Power of nail feeding system: 0.75 KW
Power of welding System: 20KW, 1000-2000 A
Power supply: 3 phases AC 380V 60HZ
Packing: packed in 2 wooden cases
Packing size: 3000*1500*1800mm
Weight: 1600KG
This high speed coil nail collator is specialized to produce different kinds of coil nails like:
Smoth shank coil nail
Ring shank coil nail
Screw shank coil nail
Electric brand of high speed coil nail collator:
Welding: Germany Infineon
Touch screen: Taiwan WEINVIEW
PLC, frequency converter: Japan OMRON
Switch button: Germany Schneider
Types of coil nails:
1. Brad nail: use of brad nail: No head nails, no nail marks after being laid, suitable for advanced decoration industry.
2. Steel coil nails: Features of steel coil nails: novel and unique design, fast efficiency, good quality, wide application, etc. It is an ideal replacement product for ordinary round nails. Uses: furniture making, sofas, wooden boxes, and various wooden products.
3. Staple nails: K nails, N nails鈥? Uses: furniture manufacturing for sofas, chairs, sofas and leather. In the he decoration industry, used for ceilings, sheets, etc., and in the wooden box industry, used for outer sheets.
4. Concrete nails, similar to round nails in appearance, and the head is slightly thicker. However, concrete nails are made of high-quality steel, which have the advantages of hardness and bending resistance, and can be directly nailed into concrete and brick walls. Common specifications are 7~35mm.
5. Wood screws nails. Compared with other nails, it is easier to combine with wood. It is mostly used in the combination of metal and other materials with wood.Customized Coil Nail Machine
website:China Coil Nail Machine Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Customized Coil Nail Machine at Low Price - FFI
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