Developing heifer or pregnant?

Discussion in 'Dairy Cattle Discussion' started by madcat, May 4, 2017.

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    Okay so I did the worst thing ever and put my 8 month old bull calf with my 7 month old heifer. The heifer is now 9 months and the bull 10 months could he have bred her or is the just her developing?
    the first picture is her udder at 8 months and the last one is of her three days ago

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    Yep, not a good thing to do. Exactly how long has it been from the time you put them together to now? If it is less than 4 months, call the vet, get a shot of lutalyse and give it to her. If she is less than 4 months POSIIBLY pregnant, it will abort her and not cause her growth to be stunted and have a calf at much too young an age. If you are graining them she could just be getting a "fatty udder" which is not uncommon. But why take the chance. If she is not bred the shot won't hurt her. The thing is once she gets too far along trying to abort her will do more harm than good. But if at all possible, you don't want her calving at too young and TOO SMALL so that she doesn't have trouble.