Disastrous Breeding Season

Discussion in 'Breeding and Calving' started by DoubleR, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. DoubleR

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    Anyone having a bad breeding season?
    AI breeding in both cattle and horses has been a disaster this year. Most are blaming the weather. EVERYONE I know (and don't know) is complaining.
    Lack of heats, and or lack of showing standing heats are a big issue. I know were having a heck of a time. Normally I'd be LONG done with breeding season by now. Still have some stragglers. Frustrating. Effects next year as well at this point.
    We had HUGE calves this calving season also. Out of proven low BW sires I've personally used before and know are low BW. Every vet I've spoken to this year has said that they have pulled and done more C-Sections this year on cows with extremely large calves than they can ever remember.
    Here in CA were in our 3rd year of drought. We had lower than normal then warmer than normal temps this winter on top of it.
    Caused all our mares to start cycling in Jan then stop when it cooled down again. This has caused major issues in breeding at least around here.
    How's your calving and breeding season been this year?
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    We've had our bulls keep finding ways to hurt themselves. It makes me want to AI after hauling bulls to the vet 9 times this summer....I real an article that warmer winters equal larger calves born in the spring.