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Ive been trying to research what was the average size farm in each country..

If you could give me a hand that would be great.

Here in Argentina i would say around 2000 in agriculture, 5000 in mixed, and maybe average 15000. Just curious about other countries

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There is no real answer for Canada or the USA. You'll find 'farms' from an acre to many 10's of thousands of acres. So an average is hardly average at all.

Average herd of beef cattle in both countries lies somewhere between 30 and 40 cows. But again, some only have a handful and others have 10s of thousands.

Lets see some pictures from down there some time, would be interested in seeing other parts of the world and how they operate. thanks

In my part of the world it is hilly, and wetter, some areas have a lot of stones. Small acreages where you always battle tree growth. And then lots of snow in winter. Avg around here would be a few dozen cows and a couple hundred acres - which I am above.

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