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    Sorry In advanced new to the forum (And new to cattle farming, cash crop since I was a kid and now venturing out on my own at 27) thanks in advance for any help. I visit multiple large dairy farms a day as I am a road tech for a John Deere dealership and see them chopping, hauling, packing and covering there hay for feed and it got me thinking, could I do that with grass clippings? I have 4 head of dexter cows and as it sits I give them 1-2 “loads” of grass clippings when I’m mowing but seeing Large dairy farms years doing that got me thinking if I could do that with my clippings. I have on my farm an old cement slab where I removed a falling down old granary and wondered if I could mow, pile up the clippings and pack them down and cover them with a tarp to make myself some haylage and have a feed alternative to hay and grain through the winter. Is there anyone on here that has attempted this? I read online lots of folks using sealed containers but don’t want that many of them sitting around. Let me know what y’all think, thank you