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    Morning guys.

    Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year :)

    I am from the UK and recently have been having awful wet weather.
    I keep two heifers and 6 sheep on just over a 2 acre price of rented land.

    In the last couple of months the ground has got extremely boggy and wet, both the cattle and sheep are poaching the land badly with the every step!

    The land is very flat and clay based so I know it would get a bit poached but didn't realise how bad.

    What would you recommend to help with the problem? Mole ploughing? Aerating?
    I am not able to move the animals due to the fact that I have no where to put them and also the cost of pre moment TB testing.

    I appreciate any suggestions you have


  2. rene

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    I am Not too well educated in this but my first instinct would be splitting the pastor into 1 acre lots and rotating them from one side to the other letting the grass grow a little bit that might help. I live in swampy land so I sort of understand your issue. But we have 70 acres for cattle grazing so I've split them up into about 10 fields and rotate them as one gets bad I just take them out of it and put them in another one and by the time might come back the cattle should be ready to go on it

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    Try dividing the lot into pastures and giving one a break and give one time to recover
  4. oreana

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    Sell the cattle.
    Divide the area into 10-15 small paddocks with temporary electric fence.
    Move the sheep every 2-3 days.
    Buy some mid quality hay and rollout on the worst areas. Let sheep graze it and trample in the waste.