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    Has anyone ever used a hay net (not net wrap) on your cattles' bales before? They're advertised to decrease waste significantly. I'm looking into the Texas Hay Net brand that has 3 inch holes (advertised to minimize waste but not slow consumption for cattle). Very interested in this product as less waste could mean quite a bit of difference for us. We use a Hay Chix brand net for our horses and it made a DRASTIC difference in their waste (also slowed their consumption some which was a goal with our under ridden fatties). We only run 10 head of red angus but they sure throw a lot on the ground around their round bale feeder.

    HOWEVER I have a lot of concern about loss of ear tags. The website mentions to use caution with tags therefore I suspect that they will be ripped out but wondering if anyone has used them and not had troubles.

    Thank you for your input!