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After reading through a few of these postings I wanted to provide a few useful tips to the people that are thinking of entering into the livestock business or are just looking to have a few head as a hobby.

1. Start with your land. Have your soil tested. When you get the results follow the recommendations to ensure you have a sustainable pasture for livestock to graze.

2. Establish and maintain a herd health protocol. Your local veterinarian will help you set this up for your operation in relation to your local area.

3. Establish a quality nutrition program. With that, there are many feedstuffs manufacturers so it is important to research the different ones and what is in the feed you plan to use.

4. Keep and maintain accurate records of everything you do with your herd as it will assist you in making important decisions as well as provide information to a prospective buyer of your calves after weaning.

While you are establishing the above you should also be researching what breed of livestock you want to run and who you should buy from.
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