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Help! How to make money off dairy bottle calves?

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I'm planning on purchasing a Holstein/jersey cross heifer and a jersey bull(bottle calves) and I need to know the best way to make money off them because I'm applying for a loan to get them.
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Rent the land don't buy it till you have a good herd and I would artificially inceminate for the best calves and then you know when you bred them I would sell them as bred heifers then if the price goes down you can keep them and calve them out
Sorry didn't realize you replied! Lol how much does it cost to artificially inseminate?
Don't know how much to AI but it's a lot cheaper than buyin a bull and raise plus you know when you bred and when there supposed to calve
Okay I'll check into that. Thank you!
I agree with Cowfarmer.
We strictly breed AI. Much cheeper and way less headache. Gives you the ability to pick Bulls to improve on your cattle along with newer technology that gives the ability to use sexed semen.
Semen (sexed) $15-$25 (dairy semen)
Hormones and CIDR to Synchronize approx. $20
Not sure what a tech will cost you in your area.
Interesting..will have to ask around
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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