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  1. My little heifer show calf is just shy of a year old, literally 5 days away. She has been trained and halter broken since she was 4 months old. Over the past few days, she has been head butting her mama and she has been pinning me up against gates and head butting me in the stomach. I push her back and smack her nose real hard every time she does this, but I'm not sure what else to do to stop her from doing this. My mom thinks that she is acting this way because when my friends walk her, they let her get away with misbehaving. Even though I try shipping her back into shape, she still misbehaves. What should I do??
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    Twist her ear very hard when she does this. If your friends let her get away with that crap, don't let them walk her. This is a potentially dangerous situation. She needs to learn some respect for people.

    Wouldn't worry about her head butting other cows. That's normal pecking order stuff and I;m sure that mama can straighten it out if she wants to, but you really needs to put the cabash on the human pushing around. She's getting way out of hand.

  3. Thank you! I will try twisting her ear.

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    Put ur fingers in her nose like a bull ring. Ull have control of her then. I dnt knw that this will fix ur problem but it can save ur tail from geting hurt. Twist her ear to teach her to stop
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    If you're still having trouble, I carry around a small (maybe a foot long) plastic pipe with maybe a 1/2inch diameter. Any time they try to butt me, they get a very hard smack on the nose and I wrench their head up as best I can. If they continue, I tie their heads up and leave them for a good 15mins and try again afterwards.
  6. Hank you! I carry around a show stick when I have grain. She likes to try and ram me down. When I wave the stick she stops.