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Why was this Angus worth $800,000?
I guess the answer is here somewhere. I got this from the Internet.
In 2018 a 4-month-old Angus bull, (SAV Elation 7899), became the highest-priced bull ever sold at public auction fetching $800,000.
It pays to have access to great cattle that work in all phases of production, from pasture to feedyard – and that’s why the investment in Elation was made.
Elation, born in December 2016, possesses a rare balance of traits that are highly desirable for ranchers: low birth weight, high growth and excellent beef quality, to name a few. He also descends from one of the great cow families in the beef industry, and is a grandson of N Bar Emulation EXT, arguably the greatest Angus bull of the last 25 years.
How do these EPDs exemplify excellent beef quality? Marb 80th percentile, RE 60th percentile, $G 95th percentile. Yes, $G is 15.18 which is in the 95th percentile!
CED 90%, RADG 90%, DMI 95%, SC 90%.
I don’t get it. Why am I concerned with EPDs? Please help me understand the $800,000 for these EPDs.
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