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I am Renee. Born and raised in Yorkshire (roughly 20 years)
Moved on to Denmark for about 30 years.
Ended in Central Sweden where I think the next 40 years will do me.:D
I have 100 acres, mostly evergreen forest and live in an area with a population of 2 per square mile. THere are 4 villages on the hill where I live . One person in one village, 3 in two of the others and ours is over inhabited with 10 people. So I interact socially through the world wide web. I imagine in the old days I would have had pen-friends.
By heart I am a sheep farmer and am trying to restore as many of the old abandoned pastures in tha area as possible. During the last couple of years I have decided to go over to cows. Why?
They eat more.
They take less fencing in.
They produce milk.
I have a crazy notion that i might be able to start a niche production of icecream incorporating all the delicious berries that grow wild in the forests.
Here in Jämtland we have a rare breed, fjällnära THis is the breed I have chosen and have now three cows, a bull calf and a heifer. I will decribe the breed and farming practises here later. I am rather erratic in posting as my work load is very erratic. Just now it is lambing season and we got 12 inches of snow a couple of days ago so life is....challenging.
I am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about milk cows.
Yours sincerely, Renee
It is I on the left, a fjällnära on the right, behind some friesans too
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