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So we're a new Beef cow family thanks to 4H, unfortunately with Covid and a lack of beef farmers in our area, we're having trouble getting much info.
We have 3 mostly red and black angus mix calves, 15 weeks, 13 weeks and 12 weeks
They were getting milk replacer 2x daily, free fed hay, free water and are upto about 2lbs of grain daily each.
They are turned out 9 - 5 in a "calf" pasture that's 1/4 acre with beautiful grass now that the weather is better, and locked up in the big barn at night.
This has cut back their hay drastically, they just leave it now it seems.

The oldest is nice and chunky, the middle looks good, the youngest is still a bit smaller than I'd like.
The Vet was pleased with their growth but didn't leave any feeding advice.
We are on the last bag of milk replace (of 6) and are now down to 1 bottle daily. We are being told to wean them off of their grain now too, to just take it away?
I don't want them to lose weight or get sick so this seems like a terrible idea.

What is the protocol for feeding after weaning??
Any and all advice appreciated, TY!
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