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Ok, I know many are anti-Longhorn. So please only respond of you can give real advice about Longhorns.

My husband worked with longhorns once upon a time about 15 years ago on a ranch in Santo. Now, we have bought our own land and we are building a wedding barn on it, as well as our own homestead. We know what gentle giants Longhorns are and think they would look beautiful in the pasture behind the venue. Yes, we are looking at Texas yard art. That said, we'd also like them to be profitable, so we'll likely gat a bull and breed.

For those of you who breed Longhorns, is most of your profit in hides and horns? How profitable is the meat? Does anyone crossbreed for more profitable meat? If so, what crossbreed have been successful?

We are about 2 years out from living on the land and adding cattle. 48 acres in East Texas. I want to learn everything I can. So, give me your POSITIVE LONGHORN advice.


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Hmm. Not much experience with longhorns on my end, sorry about that.
They are beautiful beasts though, I like 'em!
Though I don't know much, I believe TX longhorn meat is profitable. And, from what I have heard, Brahman x Longhorns are a popular one. Angus is always a good cross, really with anything.
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