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Looking for cows

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My wife and I would like to get some cows in the future, more just to keep around the farm for fun than actually for beef or milk. We have about 5 acres that we don't use and we're looking for just a few cows to keep over there. Because of the pasture size we were looking for something fairly small and easy to keep, such as Jerseys, Dexters, Miniature Herefords or Miniature Jerseys. Has anyone had any of these breeds and able to give any pros/cons?
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What's your animal carrying capacity on your pasture?

Mine is 80 acres per cow/calf pair. That's one cow/calf pair for each 80 acres or one bull. You'll need to know the carrying capacity of your land to determine if, or when, you're going to supplemental feed them.
We can get about 1 cow calf pair per acre for cows that size. For full size beef cattle little angus it would be about 1.7 acres per cow/calf
I am new to cows but I looked and started with a bred British White 2 yr. cow that's tame and is duel purpose milking and meat, she easy calved her first calf this spring with bull calf and nice udder , I later have traded the bull calf for a Angus heifer and added 4 more Angus for selling and meat. I chose hornless breed and I don't plan on ever keeping a bull, I only will raise what I can manage and feed with pasture and hay, good grass feeds more cows but bag feed is $$
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