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Hey and welcome @hamad90
I posted on a super old thread recently about my cow pup. She's hilarious and naturally has the instincts to herd, although not much of a family dog, more independent. Abby's breed is Australian Kelpie x Husky x GSD. Wierd mix but she's a great ranch dog. Another breed I am currently attempting (have to convince husband lol) to bring into the family is the Belgian Tervuren. The Tervuren is the cousin to Belgian Malinois, so fierce guard dog, but are easily trainable, handsome, and supposedly great cow dogs.

The Texas Hanging Tree dog is a breed a friend of mine has and she uses him to keep control over the roping steers in practice. He's a wonderful animal.

Are you looking for a dog to herd and move the cattle from pasture A to pasture B for instance? Or is there another reason you need a farm dog?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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