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I am new to cattle farming and want to start up my own. What will be the estimated cost of setting up 50 cows at spot, also what will type of machinery I will have to buy to perform daily job in the farm.
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Tractor with loader that can lift the size hay bales you plan on using. That's all you need if you don't plan on cutting your own hay.

Some hay rings would be helpful. Corral panels. Your tractor will last longer if you can keep it out of the weather in a shed or barn or garage.
Do u use milking machine ? Milk cooler, packing machine and so on. Just like to have more and more idea.

Also, what budgeting can i expect to startup farming.
Are you planning on beef cattle or dairy? If you want to do beef, you don't need that. I don't run a commercial dairy, so I use a bucket milker for my 2 home milk cows and I don't need a bulk tank or anything like that. I just use the milk to raise calves on and for my family's needs.
Thanks you for quick response. I want to keep dairy cattle for milk production ... Need help if someone in this group is have dairy farm
Are you wanting to start a dairy or just need operation? Also do you have the livestock already or will you be purchasing that as we'll? Where are you located?
Are you wanting to start a dairy or beef operation? What's your location? Do you currently have livestock?
50 cow dairy wouldnt break even here but MAY do in your area depending on your climate and the amount of land /quality of pasture you have available .You will have to suplementry feed to some extent at a minimum you will need FEL tractor ,grain silo .milking shed & yards vet crush milking machine milk vats, wash downetc.your location will make a differance to what you need
You'll need a tractor with loader and bale tongs, hay swather, baler, a truck or wagon to move hay, at least a 3/4 ton truck
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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