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Hello I have been on this forum for a bit now seen a few new people on here so figured I would introduce myself. I'm from saskatchewan, canada. Me and my wife will be calving out 112 cows this spring. We own black and tan cows and run gelbveih bulls. We also have started raising purebred speckle park cattle

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There's a bunch od death loss

on fresh calves born the past month in the E, SE and S, USA.
last week several outfits report losing 5% of em in a 1 week span.

just 2 darn freezing wet with 2 much cold for 2 long.

area effects several States and bout 14,000,000 stock cows.

weather is supposed to get better towards the weekend or early next week.

View attachment 318 about a week away from calving time here. -40 Celsius with the wind chill tonight. Luckily the weather is supposed to turn around tomorrow into plus 3 Celsius weather in saskatchewan is always changing
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