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Milking One Quarter separately

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I am new to farming and I have a small home farm where we milk two cows. I suspect one cow has mastitis in one quarter. I use a small piston milker that milks one cow at a time. Is there something I can use to isolate the infected quarter after I treat it?
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Maybe hand milk that 1/4? I have goat right now that I am doing that. We treated it and it is better, but I feed that milk to the dogs. I use a goat Milker, even on my Jersey Cow. But I don’t want to have to clean it all up for the bad side
Otherwise you are cleaning up the milk machine twice
One of our Jersey cows had mastitis in one quarter, we were only able to milk the good quarter so I got one of those inflation plugs which worked good and allowed me to only milk the one quarter
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