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Need tips for new cattle farm

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I'm goin 2 start new cattle farm in tamilnadu. I need some advice from experts and experienced people.
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What's the weather like how many cattle what breed do u have any facilities
The location is situated 15 kms far from Courtallam falls and hence it's not a hot place. I've planned 2 buy 4 cattle of holstein. Water facility is available nearby to my farm.
Hi i'm gonna to buy 4 hf cattle. Anybody know how much it costs in india. I'm also making research but I need some assist to buy the cattle. Based on my research report it costs 40000 rupees for a good cattle. Whether it's right?
Brown swiss would do better! They are more docile than Holstein. I really recommend you setup some kind of automatic water fountain. Had we not had the automatic waterers when the 2-4 yr drought came along our cattle would have had nothing to drink as all the ponds and streams dried up. Besides that it is cleaner water for them to drink. No poop and urine in it.
Yeah hf for Holstein Friesian
While comparing hf and brown swiss i think that hf is better. Isn't it?
While comparing hf and brown swiss i think that hf is better. Isn't it?
Not in my opinion or several others on this boards opinion. They are more docile, have more butter fat content in their milk, and produce just slightly under holsteins . Even their bulls are docile. Holstein, jersey, and guernsey bulls are the meanest bulls around. I'd rather step in the ring as a matador with a Spanish fighting bull than be around Holstein, jersey, or guernsey bulls!
So brown swiss is better and friendly manner while comparing with hf..
Yes brown swiss are waaaaay more docile than Holsteins.
Oh thank u so much friend..
Not a problem. Always willing to help a fellow cattleman whether dairy or beef! Just because I raise beef cattle does not mean I don't know some things about dairy!
Yeah u r rit.. U know much thing about cattle..
Whether any disease will be caused to cattle due to continous heavy rainfall?
Possible foot rot, if cold outside and rain possible pneumonia also ring worm.

You got two options with ring worm. Leave it alone and it will go away but is contagious to humans and other animals or iodine sprayed on the lesions themselves seem to work well.
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