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New here and to cattle. I typically run goats and horses, but took in a calf that needs some serious help.

He's a 3/4 Angus 1/4 Brahma calf, born 8/13, did NOT get colostrum in the first 24 hours, and has contracted tendons. I have not been able to get him in to see a vet or get a vet out, I have been able to consult with one over the phone. I do have an appointment for him next Wednesday, but that was the earliest I could get. I am very concerned about the lack of colostrum in a timely manner and how that effects his immune system or lack thereof. So far, he's healthy, temperature is normal (taken twice daily), lungs are clear, no scours, and he's got a great appetite and is bright/alert. He's in an isolated pen that shares a fence line with 2 horses, no goats, or cattle. Was hoping that would mitigate some of the risk of ruminant infections. He's bottle fed 3 times daily with Save-a-caf replacer and day 2 and 3 got powdered colostrum replacer. Day 3 he got a shot (4.5cc) of Terramycin (oxytetracyclene) as recommended by a vet I spoke with regarding his contracted tendons. He's been splinted with soft splints most of the time to encourage his legs to stay unfolded.

Every day he gets a little stronger and we make some improvements in standing and walking. He no longer needs assistance standing up and can take a couple steps forward. If he doesn't try to walk forward he can stand up fairly well for nearly a full minute. He stands occasionally on his own with nobody around, but really only tries for his bottle which we 1000% encourage. He is not fully knuckled over, but his feet can't extend so that the bottom of his hoof touches the ground. What more can I do for him? How can I help him get moving and straighten his legs? How likely is he to survive without having his colostrum?
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