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Well, if push comes to shove I would corral her, put her in the shoot, and if she won't drink from a bottle, tube her. Then, as for being wild I would keep her in a smaller paddock; with adequate food and water. I'm guessing after she gets her first taste of delicious milk that she'll want more; you and milk will become connected, therefore she'll come up to you every time, then start sitting by her feed, she'll get curious and come up. Basically, gain trust. As for getting her to eat grain; she'll get curious/hungry. Around one month I didn't really have to worry about getting grain into my calf, it was just an option for him, but now he scarfs it down. When I first got my calf I gave him the option of grain 24/7. Also, your calf may not scarf down the whole bottle of milk like older calves, my calf only drank 3/4 for about a week before he would drink all of it, even now he still has the days that he just doesn't want all of his milk; which is fine with me, but I still try a little bit later. Don't take my word as god's or anything, though, I'm just going off what I would do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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