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Thank you, I have 26 acres and was looking to raise for beef. I do have a stock tank on my land that would be accessible to them at the far end of my land plus 2 water tanks by my barn and stable

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That sounds great!
Have you considered what handling equipment you'll set up. Either build or buy? That's first and foremost the most important thing.
To many people start getting cattle then run into a need to doctor a cow and have no way to do so. Either that animal suffers because of the lack of equipment or you suffer from injuries. It's not worth either.
You'll need handling equipment for vaccinations, worming, calving (if your wanting to have a calving operation) sick animals etc.
It's very important to have a sturdy set up. Doesn't have to be expensive just sturdy and allow you to catch, hold and doctor a 1500 pound struggling animal while you give shots or pull a calf.
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