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We are in north Oklahoma and have 16 cows and about 80 goats. Last weekend one of our old cows died and left us with a 4 week old bottle baby. It started trying to get scours a few days ago but has firmed up again. She nibbles some food and takes her bottle pretty good now.
I think she is doing good now. I wish she would learn to drink more water from the bucket.

Welcome! Your little heifer is beautiful. Sorry to hear the mama died, but glad little baby is doing better.

To teach her to drink from the bucket, start doing a little less milk in bottle, with the leftovers in the bucket. You should show it to her, and eventually she will find it and learn to lick it out. Also for her to learn to drink water from the bucket, make it more appealing to her. Add a little bit of molasses to the water and she should gladly drink it.

What is the heifer's name?
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