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    Howdy y'all, I'm new to the cattle business and have a question maybe someone can help me with...

    But where is the best place to buy a few cows & calves? I'm looking to buy 6-8 Herefords in the central Texas area.

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    A good resource might be to call your local livestock auction to see if they know of any coming through there in the near future. They also might be able to point you to a local operation that has cows or heifers for sale.

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    A pleasure to hear that your dream has come true, by getting the Jersey cow at your place. And good to hear that it is ready for milking. Let me list out the tests that have to be taken for the cow.

    1.Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) test

    2.Brucellosis (“Bangs”) vaccination


    4.Bovine Leukosis (BLV)

    5.Milk testing (for lactating animals)

    6.Preg Testing (If an animal is being sold as “pregnant”)

    And next will be the milk testing centres in Ontario.

    1.Agriculture & Food Laboratory

    Laboratory Services Division

    University of Guelph

    95 Stone Road West

    Guelph, Ontario, Canada


    695-B Gaudette St-jean-sur-richelieu J3B 7S7
    A great applause for your effort to build a cattle farming and your business thought, and I am sure that you are going to be one who gets benefited out of it. Let me help you out with few places in Ontario for getting Herefords.

    1.Replacement Hereford heifers for sale. Both horned and polled approximately 1 year old. UPS bloodlines. 5 registered horned Hereford bulls, 22-25 months old.
    Contact: Ronald Woodley
    Woodley Herefords
    Bellville, TX 77418
    979-877-9843 (cell)
    979-865-5187 (res.)

    2.40 commercial Hereford cows, 3 to 4 years-old; ½ with Angus sired calves and ½ with Brahman sired calves. Cows located in Allison, Texas.
    Contact: Mark Stephens
    Taylorville, IL

    3.7 Horned Hereford Bulls, 22-26 months old and tested ready to go.
    Contact: Wesley Theuret
    Kenedy, TX 78119
    [email protected]

    4.20 Open Horned Hereford Heifers for sale Contact: J.D. Schmidt
    Schmidt Herefords
    Hondo, TX 78861

    5.5 Registered Hereford bulls for sale. One Horned and Four polled. Big stout coming two-year-olds ready for service. Top national bloodlines. Well-developed on pasture and supplement. Health papers available. $3500 per head.
    Contact: Sam Massey
    Massey Hereford Ranch
    Stephenville, TX 76401
    [email protected]

    I will suggest you to start milking from the second day itself, allowing the calf to drink the nutrient milk and no mastitis will be developed once you follow this practice. Remember, never be there without milking, as it will lead to freezing of hard milk into the udder. And hope this will help you better!
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    I'm not a fan of livestock auctions. You never know where the cattle came from, whether they are healthy, or if they're nuts. Its a big gamble. I recommend talking to the county extension agency in your county to find a good farmer who will let you come to his farm and check things out. You'll probably pay more, but it's much less risky.
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    Looks like Modern Dairy Machines has you covered for potential cattle purchases. One can also use internet to research reputable persons selling cattle in your area.
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