Odd problem with barbed wire fencing???

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  1. ckbrownla

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    Hello everyone,

    I have an issue where the fenced area that I maintain is
    developing problems in the barbed wire fencing side. The fence is a
    wood post anchors/ painted metal t-posts construction. The wiring is
    barbed wire on one side of the t-posts and electric fence on the other side.The fence has held up well for quite a while since I assisted in the installation of the electric fence portion in 2011. I have maintained the electric fence since then.

    The problem is that the barbed wire has developed rust problems to the point of danger of breaking the wire. The rust seems to start on the wire along the flat surface of the the t-posts. Anyone have any experience with this problem? We are located in the north-east corner of Louisiana in West Monroe, LA.

    Please message me back with any questions that you may have.
    I am not that experienced with barbed wire.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance,
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    First off Welcome to the forum! We're glad you've joined us!
    Please take a minute to tell us about yourself in the introduction section. :) We like to know a little about who were talking too. :D
    Barb wire rusts. No way around it. We have 50+ year old and older wire up on quite a bit of our property. You'd be surprised at how it holds up even rusty. Some we can still splice to repair and have no problems with it. :) Where the wire sits on the t-post is common to rust first. Moisture sits there. No way around it. If imagine it's a bit faster to rust in LA. Lots of moisture there all the time.
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  3. rene

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    Where 2 different types of metal touches it will oxidize first. It has to do with moisture accumulating and the rubbing of 2metals.
  4. SupaDexta

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    Sounds more serious that general rub if its in danger of breaking. Cheaper wire used to begin with? T posts aren't used around here, just wood posts and staples, but cheap wire will experience the problem at a staple just the same. Don't think there's much you can do to extend its life. Good news is there is electric behind it for now?
  5. rene

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    Barbwire is generally made to withstand alot of punishment. We strech a 1/4mile with a tractor. And yes sometimes there is a too tight. Ouch.. we got some fences that have been mended over and over that's a mess to fix
  6. cotopaxi14

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    I have never seen barbed wire rust and I have miles of it.