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eleven days a cow of mine delivered a calf. The calf only live a short while. Immediately is was clear the cow couldn't get up. I gave her a tube of calcium and glucose along with 20cc steroid injections for five days.

I was feeding her and rolling her daily and on day eight I saw her standing in the barn. As she saw me approaching with feed she went to the ground.

When she couldn't get up I could see that the problem was that the hoof was curled to the rear and while trying to stand she was stepping on the top of the hoof.

Good news is I know she is standing at least 50% of the time. She wont leave the barn. Today she moved a few feet into the sunlight. I left her food and water out of reach.

My question is for anybody with experience with this. It appears that she is improving given that she couldn't get up but I was wondering if full recovery is possible and how long should I expect it to take.

I don't think she is normal normal since I have seen her lay down and it is more like falling when she is half way down.

Thanks for the help
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