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Hello! I'm thirteen years old and my Dad used to own cattle, then he stopped and became a trucker, and now he just bought five first calf hereford heifers to start his herd again! Now, I have had my share of bottle calves while he was a trucker though. Right now I have an Angus bull named Peanut, I was given, well actually thrown, him after a rancher nearby thought he didn't have a chance at life. Well, he did, and now he roams around the pasture by the barn with his best friend, Duke. Duke is my 16hh, 18 year old, Quarter Horse/Paint cross. He's mostly quarter horse, but his blue eyes signify the paint in his bloodlines. I've had him my whole life. Next, is my three miniature donkeys; Clementine, Margarita (Margie), and Sophie. They are all girls, obviously, and are so sweet. Clementine is an escape artist and Sophie is her daughter that was just born a couple weeks ago. Then, is my five hereford first calf heifers, they are due this february. Dad wants to start a new herd, but he also wants me to show them, so I'll be asking a lot of showing questions on this forum. They'll be bred every year and so I'll have calves to take to 4h too! Oh, ya, their names are Athena, Cherry, Legacy, Peaches, and Ruby. See ya on the flip side! :D
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