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A month ago I bought a 4yr guernsey and two brand new Jersey calves. The guernsey was in milk and I was told she was giving 3 gallons (I only ever got 1 gallon out of her) and the jersey calves were emaciated. One of the calves died days after I got it, the antibiotics I was giving them weren’t enough. Called the vet out she gave the other calf a round of antibiotics and the calf got better… to an extent… she doesn’t want to take a bottle really. I can get her to suck once a day maybe but she fights me on that front. I’ve been using the guernsey as a nanny cow, I separate them at night and watch the calf nurse in the morning- then I leave them out together all day and they seem to do good. The guernsey kicks at the calf a little but I’m convinced the guernsey let’s the calf suck because the calf only acts hungry when they’ve been separated. My issue is the calf has no energy. She just lays in one spot all day, but she doesn’t seem to be doing bad. I don’t know what I can give the calf to bring it back to life and have her running around the pasture and wanting a bottle. I’ve been feeding the guernsey some good dairy cow feed and pasture so I know the calf’s getting good milk. Please let me know what I can do for this baby.
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