Pot bellied Holstein bull calf

Discussion in 'Dairy Cattle Discussion' started by Michael, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Michael

    Michael New Member

    I have a 5 week old calf just got over scouts, started eating grain but is now pot bellied I have been giving him two scoops of rumor medicated milk replacer per 3 pints. Any suggestions? Is pot belly normal?
  2. luvdcows

    luvdcows New Member

    What limited dealings I've had with scours this doesnt sound right. It sounds like bloat to me and that will kill him quick, I would call the vet asap!

  3. farmerjan

    farmerjan New Member

    Way too much milk replacer powder per amount of water unless the scoops are small. Most milk replacer calls for on measure "cup" that is provided in the bag, per 2 QTS of water. Look at the directions on the bag and FOLLOW THEM. A qt is 2 pints so a normal size calf bottle is 2 qts or 4 pints. If you are using the cup that is provided you are giving it more than twice the powder needed. It sounds like the calf has been getting milk that is more like liquid pudding. Are you giving this calf free choice water to drink? Also any hay? The calf needs fresh water at all times in front of it.